It all started with a throw away tweet …

Some time in 2013, I tweeted that what a certain rock / metal TV station was calling “Rock” in their top 50 rock legends was laughable.

Since that tweet something strange has happened.

Every couple of weeks a new band or musician will follow me, and I’ve liked all of them and even seen a one of them live and crowdfunded their d├ębut album.

The list, as of 2014-10-24 stands at:

Who will find me next week I wonder?


This is a work in progress, I’ll add the links to other sites for each band shortly

Beer me!

A Broadband Prayer

Our Father who art in Wholesale,
Hallowed be thy services.
Thy broadband come.
Thy expedite be done on earth as it is in the exchange.
Give us this day our daily broadband,
and forgive us our leeching,
as we forgive those who leech against us,
and lead us not into LLU,
but deliver us from dialup.

Beer me!